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Corporate Web Standards

Multi media

  • Video, sound and Flash files must only be used to enhance your website.  The site must be functional without these files.
  • When linking to a multimedia download you must provide the size of the file, file type and details of estimated download times.
  • Multimedia files must not run on a continuous loop. Users must be given the facility to halt the loop if required.
  • File type must be .flv
  • Resolution should be maximum 550px wide by a proportionate height (to fit Hantsweb template)
  • Both audio and video files can act as an excellent means of conveying information as long as alternatives are provided. Therefore, all audio and videos files must have a transcript published in HTML

W3C Web Accessibility Inititative

W3C guideline 7
"Until user agents allow users to freeze moving content, avoid movement in pages. [Priority 2] When a page includes moving content, provide a mechanism within a script or applet to allow users to freeze motion or updates"


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