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Corporate Web Standards

Document downloads

  • All information must be provided in plain HTML pages.
  • Alternative formats can be provided in addition to HTML pages, not instead of them.
  • The file format and size must be included in the link text.
  • A link must be provided to the standard download page if a plug-in is required.


Document downloads of information can only be provided when they are supplementing information provided in an HTML format. Downloaded information must not be the only source that visitors to Hantsweb and Hantsnet pages can view. This will ensure the maximum amount of visitors have access to the information provided.

Where documents are to be made available to download they should be provided in

  • Portable Document Format (PDF), (the preferred format for offering a printable version of information)
  • MS-Word or Rich Text Format, (for word processing documents)
  • MS-Excel, (for spreadsheets)
  • PowerPoint, (for presentations)

Using these formats ensures that the maximum amount of people have access to the information provided. The file format and file size must be specified in the link text.

3MB is maximum document size of any type that can be uploaded in the Content Management System. For advice on uploading larger files, please contact the Web Services Team

All files must be Anti-Virus scanned before being uploaded to Hantsweb or Hantsnet pages. If the file is stored on the I: or F: drive in Hantsnet prior to being uploaded it will have been scanned.


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