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Visitor statistics

Visitor statistics for Hantsweb

Unique visitor - A visitor to the site. Visitors are counted using the visitor's IP address, that is the numerical identifier for each of the visitor's internet service provider. Each visitor's user session is determined by grouping together all the requests that come from the same IP address within a given time; industry standards for time spent in any single user session is 30 minutes. Once this 30 minutes has passed, the visitor will be counted as a new visitor. Visits are defined as the number of web pages that have been viewed by one visitor. One visitor can have many visits to the site within their single user session (30 minutes).

Page views - The number of times the pages are viewed. Each time a visitor views a web page it is counted. The total Views for Hantsweb each month are made up of the totals of all web pages viewed throughout the site. This metric is the most useful one for identifying the popularity of our pages.


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