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Family in Gardens

Children on swing

The Gardens are a wonderful environment for families. The exciting play features include:

We also offer seasonal, self-guided activity trails. The Children’s Education Garden encourages discovery of the natural environment in a fun way. All ages can explore and discover, there are opportunities to make music with the bamboo chimes, smell the herbs growing and discover the wildlife in the small ponds.

What's on for children and families



Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices such as mobile phones, iPads or GPS receivers such as Garmins etc. Inside the containers are log books the players can write in, and small treasures which regular geocachers swap and trade so the box contents are ever-changing!

You may like to print the page below and bring it with you to the Gardens.


Whats on

Child on wobbly bridge

Children on swing

Children climbing on treehouse

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