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Hog the Limelight

Information for current villages

Hog Programme 2014-15

Hog will continue to support villages on the scheme with up to a maximum of £700. There will be some adjustment to fees to minimise the financial risk for those who opt for more adventurous programming and also all children’s shows are ‘Hog extras’ which are in addition to your £700 allocation.

This year, rather than having a six month season which running from September to March, you can book shows for anytime until the end of March 2015. Please contact Susan or Nadine if you need any assistance with your bookings or have any questions.

If there is a company or performer you have had before and would like to invite back, there is no reason why you cannot contact them separately from Hog but funding will not be available for this.

Ticket Prices

This year ticket prices will have to be included on the booking form when it is submitted before we can confirm your funding. This will ensure all the relevant information is available in advance for publicity and for the web listings. Concession prices for young people and ticket prices without food should be offered where appropriate.

Making the Most of your Money

An example of a possible Hog Programme.

Based on the above calculations you would now have £750 (£100 + £650) and you could also have a children’s show as an Extra.

Remember Hog Extras are in addition to your £700 grant allocation.

Thank you for your co-operation and we hope you have an enjoyable and successful 2014-15 Hog the Limelight Season.



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