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Originally Colemore and Priors Dean were two separate parishes but have always been closely associated. They were not united into one parish until 1932. The parish of Colemore, sometimes spelt Colmer, produced some distinguished men in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Rev. John Greaves, rector of Colemore, had three illustrious sons: John was born in 1602 and became a celebrated mathematician, Edward studied medicine and became a physician to Charles I and Thomas followed oriental studies and had a distinguished career at Oxford. A later rector of Colemore, the Rev. Richard Pococke, was the father of the famous explorer, Richard Pococke, whose Eastern Travels were published in the 1740s.

The manor of Colemore was granted to Southwick Priory and confirmed by a charter of King Richard in 1198. At the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538 Henry VIII granted the manor first to Anne of Cleves and later to Katherine Howard in 1541. The manor was later held by the Compton family and passed by marriage into the famous Tichborne family.

The parish of Priors Dean is so called because the manor of Dean was included with Colemore in a charter of King John dated 1203, which confirmed the holdings of Southwick Priory. Since this date the two manors have followed the same descent; the old manor house at Priors Dean was once the seat of the Tichborne family, and memorials to members of the Compton and Tichborne families can be seen in Priors Dean church

Further information on attractions to discover in the area and other interesting villages to visit is available.  For information on public services for Colemore please take a look at the Alton local pages.


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