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Hugh de Port was lord at the time of the Domesday Survey, the overlordship being held by his descendants the St. Johns in the reigns of Henry III and Edward III. In the early thirteenth century John de Heryerd was lord, and the manor passed to the de Coudrays and remained in this family until 1528 when Dorothy Coudray died leaving three daughters. The manor passed by the female line to the Paulets and then the Jervoise family.

Herriard House, set in the picturesque Herriard Park, was the seat of the Jervoise family from 1601. The original mansion was destroyed by fire about 1704, and replaced by a stately brick building which was stuccoed in 1829. Herriard House was demolished in the 1960s.

Herriard Grange occupies the site of a grange which once belonged to the nuns of Wintney Priory. The nuns were dispersed at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and the property was granted to the Paulet family. Granges were barns, or farm-houses with barns attached, for the storage of corn and tithes belonging.

Further information on attractions to discover in the area and other interesting villages to visit is available.  For information on public services for Herriard please take a look at the Basingstoke local pages.


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