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Online learning: helping volunteers and carers spot risks to vulnerable people in their homes

Trigger Tool is the name of a new online learning package developed by Hampshire County Council’s Supportive Communities Team.

Trigger Tool helps volunteers, neighbours, carers, professionals and anyone who comes in to contact with vulnerable adults in the community.

The learning package raises awareness about how to live well at home, to look after your health and wellbeing, and how to be better connected within your local community.

It is made of of 3 modules:

Each module takes about 15 minutes to complete. You can do the modules one at a time,. or all in one session.

With practical information and advice on how to support each other as well as yourself, the Trigger Tool is a useful toolkit for anyone.

The learning package is best viewed on a desktop computer running Windows. You can also view it via tablet device (including ipad) but you will need to download the free Articulate app. If you are using a tablet you should see a prompt to do this when you open the link.


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