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Hampshire IT

10 things about Hampshire IT …

Enabling a ‘modern business providing excellent public services’

  1. Hantsnet is Hampshire’s innovative and award winning electronic office delivered to over 10,000 desktops with mobile access enabling ‘Hampshire Workstyle’ savings. The Learn.IT portal shows partners and staff how to use it effectively.
  2. Hampshire staff can ‘work anywhere, anytime’ with a flexible range of secure services, such as PDA or personal Smartphone, to access email and calendars on the move. Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Hantsnet Passport provide email, calendar and full office tools for home access.
  3. The HantsFile corporate document and record management system delivers a secure flexible electronic storage with a powerful enterprise search enabling fast document retrieval and collaboration across the Council.
  4. We are developing modern, cost-efficient ‘cloud computing’ for Hampshire schools and to deliver wider shared applications for partners.
  5. To improve customer service and reduce costs, we are undertaking a web self-service programme for common transactions with citizens, reducing from face to face delivery, re-engineering service processes to maximise the potential of IT to reduce cost. The average cost of a web transaction (‘one and done’) is typically 15p compared with £2 for a telephone call and £12 for face-to-face. Web self service could replace some Hantsdirect contact centre transactions.
  6. The flexible printing service being rolled out to all Hampshire offices as part of the Workstyle programme enables printing to be collected ‘on demand’ from any printer. This supports flexible working, improves security and reduces paper wastage, saving £4m pa.
  7. To help our front line staff, we are improving the usability of all major systems such as manager and employee ‘self service’ in SAP, the new 'Quickview' SWIFT screens and web improvements to Hantsweb, the most visited UK local authority website.
  8. The Hampshire Public Services Network (HPSN2) is at the leading edge of national PSN developments for Hampshire’s public sector partners and schools. With high speed broadband and scale economies, HPSN2’s total value could be >£200m, and is saving the Council over £1m pa.
  9. Hampshire IT supports many organisations such as HPSN2 partners, application and full service hosting (eg Havant Public Sector Village), services for over 98% of schools, 1000+ web sites and plans with Dorset County Council for a single IT strategy and joint delivery of IT services.
  10. Hampshire regularly wins awards for IT excellence, such as recently ‘green’ IT, new sustainable Date Centre, digital literacy campaigns (Learn.IT and silver surfers), shared public sector Recruitment Portal and Service Management accreditations (ISO 27001). Hampshire IT is benchmarked as one of the lowest cost IT organisations.

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