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Hampshire IT

How to place your order with Hampshire IT

Hampshire local authority schools

Hampshire local authority SAP schools can raise a purchase order in the SAP SRM system following these instructions.

  1. Click on Shop.

  2. Click on Goods and Services Catalogue on the next screen.

  3. Insert our vendor number 219503 in the Keyword field and then click the Search button. This will bring up the freetext item for Hampshire IT Schools (you may need to scroll down slightly to see this).

  4. Enter the required quantity in the relevant field and click in the check-box next to this.

  5. Click on the Add to Shopping Cart button just above the line. It may seem like nothing has happened, but if you scroll towards the top-right of the screen, you will see that you will now have 'Items: 1' showing next to your shopping trolley icon.

  6. Next to this Shopping Trolley icon, click the View Shopping Cart link - this will take you to the Shopping Cart Preview screen.

  7. Now click on the Transfer Item[s] button. This will take you to the Shopping Cart screen and you should encounter the warning message 'This is a free text item, please enter a price'.

  8. Enter a price in the Price / Limit field (nb: if leasing, for budgetary purposes it is advisable to enter one year's leasing cost plus one year's insurance cost as quoted on the proposal).

  9. Now click on the spyglass icon - this will take you to the details screen.

  10. On this screen are all of the details for the order to be created - check that all of these are as you need them, and amend if necessary (to expand or collapse each area, just click on each header - i.e. Cost Assignment)

  11. So we know what you are ordering from us, you need to click on the Documents and Attachments header to expand it

  12. Now in the Vendor Text panel, type in the items that you are ordering from us, including the HEAT Call reference (the information that you enter here gets saved automatically)

  13. Once done, you now need to click on the Continue button at the bottom-right of the screen (you may need to scroll down to see this). This will take you to the final Complete and Order screen. On this screen you can (if you want to) change the name of your shopping cart, and also add in any notes that will help your approver to approve the order.

  14. Once done, you now need to click on the Order button towards the bottom-left of the screen, and then the order is created, and will be sent through to your Authoriser. Once this is authorised, the order will be sent through to us automatically via SAP, there is no need to send us a copy of the order.

Other schools and organisations

Academies and schools outside of Hampshire can raise an official purchase order using their own finance systems. Fax it to 01329 844461.

Please note:

If you wish to order our Remote Working Service please submit the setup instructions using the Setup Instructions Form

IIf you have problems with these instructions please contact the SAP help desk on 01962 847396.


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