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A firewall is part of a computer system or network designed to block unauthorised access while permitting authorised communications. It is a combination of software and/or hardware that provides a protective barrier between a computer or network, third party systems and the internet.

It is vital that firewalls are properly installed and configured to protect school systems from unauthorised access. We recommend that only one firewall is installed, since multiple firewalls can seriously impede legitimate network traffic.

Firewalls in Hampshire schools

If your school is connected to HPSN2 or HPSN SWAN you are already protected by the corporate Hampshire firewall and there is no need to configure an additional firewall at the school.

However, if your school is not connected to HPSN2 or HPSN SWAN, you will require a locally configured firewall, these schools are advised to contact their local broadband supplier.

Firewall benefits:

in addition, firewalls:


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