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Schools Website Service user guide

SWS Form Builder - using a Questionnaire form as an example

Create 'Questionnaire' Form

  • Login to SWS

  • Click on ‘Create new page’ in the Admin panel

  • Select ‘new page is a web form’

  • Enter name and location for the form.

Form builder

  • Click ‘continue’

You will be faced with the following form:

Form builder 2

  • Add text fields, radio buttons, drop-down lists etc, as required by selecting the ones you want.

They will be automatically added to the bottom of the form.

  • Click Save to apply changes.


Edit form labels

  • Double-click on the field

  • Type the required label into the pop-up box.

Editing form labels

  • Click OK

It will update immediately on the form.

  • Click Save to apply changes.


Add options for drop-down lists, radio button groups and check box groups.

  • Click on the pencil icon

  • Add one option per line in the text box.

Adding additional fields

  • Click Save to apply changes.


Editing fields

Make a field ‘required’

  • Click the ‘R’.

The red cross will change to a ‘tick’ and an asterisk will appear after the label to show it is required.

  • Click Save to apply changes.

Move a field up or down

  • Highlight the field and use the up and down arrows.

  • Click Save to apply changes.

Editing fields

Heading and introductory text

  • Use the text wizard for this.

  • Click Save to apply changes.

(NB. If you are asking for personal information please remember your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.)


As an example, here is our finished questionnaire:

Completed form

Using the form

  • Details are entered by a person wishing to submit the questionnaire.

  • When they press the Submit form button the entries will be sent automatically to the school email address that you entered into SWS.


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