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Schools Website Service user guide

Multi Page

Similar to the Tabbed Layout,  Multi Page allows content on a single page to be broken up into chunks of smaller content.

The key difference is that rather than dividing content into a series of named tabs, the content is automatically divided into numbered 'pages'.


Easy. When you make a new page:

Embedding text object to multipage

Important! These sub text objects must not be in the subtype Multipage; only the container text should have this subtype applied.

When the page loads, WPS will count how many text objects are in the page and number them accordingly (as pictured).

Anchors and bookmarks

To make an anchor or bookmark to a particular 'page', simply make an internal link to the page and add to the URL Parameter box #sectionmultipage-n where n is the number of the 'page' you want to link to.

multipage example


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