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Schools Website Service user guide

SMS Links to internal pages

Inserting a link to an internal page on your website

  • A link to an internal page is a link to any page that is part of your website in the School Website Service.

  • Highlight the text that you would like to use to link to an existing page on your website.

  • Click the Insert linkon the text wizard toolbar .

Create Internal link window
  • Type in the page name, or part of the page title

  • Click the ‘Search’ button.

After a few seconds a list of matches will appear:

Internal link search results

  • Choose the page from the list

  • Click on the ‘OK’ button.

The text wizard now shows the text with the link applied.


Removing an internal link

  • Highlight the linked text.

  • The ‘Insert link’ icon will appear depressed (not unhappy – pressed down!).

Removing a download

  • Click the ‘Insert link’ icon.

The link is now removed.


Creating and linking to an anchor (bookmark)

Anchors are used to create an easy way of linking to page partway through. Usually used to create a table of contents at the top of a long document, enabling the visitor to jump to a given topic without scrolling.

To make sure that pages download quickly it is usually best to split very long documents (such as the school prospectus) into separate pages for each chapter or section.

Create an anchor

  • Place the cursor in the location where you would like the anchor.

  • Click the ‘Insert anchor’ icon in the text wizard toolbar.

The New Anchor box appears:

Create Anchor window

Choose ‘Create new anchor’.

(This will be the only available option

if you have no other anchors on the page).

Supply an anchor name (no spaces)

in the ‘Reference’ box and click ‘OK’.

A small anchor icon in the text shows the location of the anchor.

Now you can link to the anchor


To link to an anchor on the current page.

First create an anchor

  • Highlight the text that you would like to use as the jump to the anchor

  • Use the ‘Insert anchor’ icon (not the ‘Insert link’ icon).

Create a link to an anchor window
  • Choose the ‘Create link to anchor’ option.

  • Choose the anchor from the dropdown list

  • Click ‘OK’

The text wizard now shows both the anchor and the link to it.

Text wizard showing both link and anchor



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