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Schools Website Service user guide

SWS Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

1) The text has vanished in the text wizard. What has happened?

2) When I open the Text Wizard I receive an 'Applet not loaded' error message - what does this mean?

3) Why are my bulleted lists spaced so far apart?

4) Can I design my own page templates?

5) How can I extract the images in a Word file for use in the School Website Service?

6) I have inserted a table , but no table borders are showing. How can I make the table borders show?

7) When moving pages in the navigation is it possible to move them any other way than one step at a time?

8) I laid out some text in the text wizard using spaces. When I view it in the web browser the layout is different.

9) I can't find the Governor Login Area page

10) When opening the text wizard to edit my page I am unable to do so and receive a 'fillbuf' error message

11) When I open the text wizard I can't see any fonts to select within the styles dropdown menu  / I can't see the main text

12) I have made changes to my website, but when I view them on my official URL they don't appear

13) I have attempted to apply a different template page to my website but it has not updated

14 ) I can't edit my site in Internet Explorer

15 ) We have switched to the Hosted School Service (HSS) but can no longer access the text wizard to edit the site?

16) I wish to cancel my SWS hosting - how do I proceed with this ?


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