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Schools Website Service user guide

Minimum computer specifications

To use the School Website Service you will need a PC with the following:

You can test if your computer meets these specifications - Please note, this checks to see if Java has been enabled but not the version installed on your computer system.

Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 are not compatible with the current SWS system that you use to maintain your school websites: the editor function will not work correctly. You may therefore need to downgrade you browser to a compatible version (IE 7 or 8) or use an alternative browser. The advised browser to use is Google Chrome

If you are using the Hosted Schools Service (HSS) you should already have a compatible Internet Explorer browser and Java installed to use SWS:

How Java works

run this time

Errors and bugs with Java

If your Java software is loaded properly or you have an incompatible version installed you may get the following error messages when trying to edit your pages:

"The Content Manager cannot execute the function you selected. Please restart the Content Manager and try again. "Error code - Applet not loaded"


"The text could not be loaded. It is possible it was not parsed correctly. Reason iu"

Users may also find that the Spelling checker doesn't work or the 'styles toolbar' disappears within the Text Wizard if an unsupported version of Java is installed.

Incompatible versions of Java can also corrupt the Text Wizard, with only the Editions / Versions panel showing. The main content can still be accessed, although you will have to go to View  and un-tick Editions/ Versions to see this. To resolve this issue your login profile will need to be reset by IT and a compatible version of Java will need to be installed.

Schools using the Hosted School Service may encounter problems with Java due to a conflict between the different versions of Java that these services use. A separate access function has therefore been created for HSS users.

How to check your Java version

At present SWS will work with any version of Java up to Version 6.20 so please do not download (or update plug-in) for the latest version of Java, if prompted. It is fine to use an earlier version than 6.20, but we do recommend that you check first to see what version you have installed. Please follow these instructions:

If you do have an incompatible Java version....

Java Troubleshooting

Further Support

If you have tested your computer and it appears to meet the specifications and you have downloaded the correct version of Java, but you still get an error message when trying to open the text wizard  then please report this via the online form


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