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Hampshire IT

Website filtering

Hampshire County Council provides a filtered internet feed that protects pupils from the viewing of inappropriate content. The service is provided via the Hampshire Public Services Network (HPSN). It uses a combination of methods to categorise sites, therefore providing a highly accurate system.

The filtering databases are updated every night, and in addition local blocking or unblocking of sites can be carried out by Hampshire IT in the event that an urgent change needs to be made. Updates are normally applied overnight but urgent changes can be made during the day after a request is processed through the IT Help Desk and then checked against the filtering policy.

The categories of site specifically filtered for schools are:

There are some exceptions though, where a site also falls under one of the following categories:

Requests for site reviews

Unblocking and blocking requests will only be accepted from school staff members, stating the URL and reason why the site should be blocked/unblocked.

An OWL e-mail to the IT Help Desk will instigate that request. If it is not possible to use OWL please contact the help desk by telephone or 'non-OWL' e-mail, quoting school name, DfE No., the teacher's name that made the request and school contact number. Non-OWL requests cannot be processed without this information.


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