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Hampshire IT

Website hosting services

Depending on the in-house skills available there are a number of options for publishing a school’s website via Hampshire County Council.

School website service

This service lets schools create an easy-to-maintain site.

Schools choose from a number of templates and colours to design their site. A comprehensive user guide is provided. Three user accounts are provided to allow for delegation of content updating.

Support procedures

Support queries for the school website service should be submitted using the online form.

Domain name registration

The following domains are available through Hampshire County Council

IT Services will check that the domain requested has not already been allocated and register it with the appropriate organisation.

Domain names remain valid for a period of two years upon registration, after which time you will be contacted by IT Services (using the provided contact details) regarding renewing the registration of your domain name.

NOTE: It is an important responsibility for you to maintain up-to-date contact information with IT Services in order for your domain name to stay registered. If IT Services are unable to contact you regarding renewing registration of your domain name, your domain will be released back to the Domain Name Registration Service and your website may become permanently unavailable.

For full Nominet Terms and Conditions for the registration and use of .uk domain names please refer to:
Nominet policies and rules for domain name registration


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