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The Schools Information Management System (SIMS) is an integrated management information system which is by used by nearly 100% of Hampshire schools. It is produced by Capita Children's Services and supplied and supported by Hampshire IT.

SIMS is a suite of products that supports all aspects of a school’s management information needs, including core pupil records, attendance, behaviour, performance, curriculum management, timetable organisation, and more.

Information is entered into SIMS once and reused throughout the system, minimising the chance of errors and ensuring the latest information is readily available to those who need it.

Purbrook Junior

Centrally Hosted SIMS start page

SIMS Learning Gateway start page

SIMS Support pages (Hantsnet)

SIMS Teacher app (Hantsnet)

Hampshire IT also supports other parts of the SIMS Suite of products including:

Go to the SIMS pages on the Hampshire IT intranet [SIMS SLA subscribers only]


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