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McAfee ePO - Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum spec for a client machine running McAfee 8.7i?

McAfee should run without problems if the client PC meets the recommended specification for your operating system. However, in practice we have found that insufficient PC RAM (Random Access Memory) can affect machine login times. Client computers with a minimum of 1GB RAM should have no problems with McAfee 8.7i.

Can I use the centrally managed virus protection service if I have a local school Firewall?

The firewall ports that must be opened to allow McAfee ePO to see the local Superagent and network client machines are TCP 8081 and 8082 inbound and outbound. For local access to the McAfee ePO Console (not included in the standard service) you must also allow HTTP traffic via port 8443. Schools with ISA will require an SSL tunnel to be opened.

Does ePO work if I am using NAT (Network Address Translation) on my network?

EdICTNet networks are not configured to use NAT some third party networks are. Local area networks that use NAT should be aware of the following caveats when using the centrally managed virus protection service:

How much does ePO cost?

If you buy into the McAfee part of the Hampshire IT SLA, there is no additional charge for the standard service.

If I decide to have local access to the ePO console, how much will this cost and how long will it take to set up?

In most cases setting you up with access to ePO and training you how to use it will take less than an hour. We charge for this additional service at £75 per hour.

We are using ePO on our current network, but this is being replaced. What do I need to do?

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you are having a replacement local area network installed by a third party supplier, you will still need Hampshire IT to provide automatic McAfee anti virus monitoring and updates. Regardless of whether you currently subscribe to this centrally managed service, we still need to configure your server as a Superagent and provide you with the latest McAfee agent. If you are having an EdICTNet or HSS installed, there is no need to do anything; this will all be taken care of for you as part of the installation service.


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