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Hampshire IT

Our partners

Hampshire IT works with a range of public, private and third sector partners to meet our commitment to develop and maintain a robust public sector community that makes the best use of public money invested in IT and ICT services. Below are examples of just some of our public and third sector partners:

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association

No single public sector organisation can manage, own or employ all the resources it needs to ensure the best possible public services are on offer. By working together, local authorities and public service organisations can share investments, costs, skills and technologies to deliver more resilient and more cost effective solutions.

Today many of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government AssociationLink partners are also members of the HPSN2 consortium.

Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council

When Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council appointed a single Chief Executive in 2009 and a joint management team in 2010, Hampshire IT installed a single IT structure that would enable them to work together and that would also enable their staff to share a joint service centre on the Havant Plaza. Since then the two councils’ IT teams have also merged. Hampshire IT provides both councils with a managed desk top service.

Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service

Hampshire IT has been providing a managed desktop service to Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service for many years, as well as a managed platform for some of their specialist services.

In 2014, the service joined with Hampshire County Council and others in an ambitious undertaking to save substantial sums of public money: the IBC, or Integrated Business Centre. The IBC enables participating organisations to provide their staff with corporate services – HR, IT, Finance, Procurement and Occupational Health – through a single, “self-service” online portal.

Dorset County Council

The IT departments of Hampshire and Dorset County Councils carry out a reciprocal monthly back-up of each other’s data. This significantly increases the security of both councils’ disaster recovery/business continuity arrangements. Dorset also asked Hampshire IT to roll out the People’s Network, a £multi-million Government funded scheme to provide people with free access to the internet and computer terminals in every library in the UK.

Age Concern Hampshire

In 2014 we began providing the charity with our managed desktop service - the first time we have provided an IT service to a non-public sector organisation.


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