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Hampshire IT

Transformational IT for Children’s Services and Schools

Hampshire County Council has been going through a significant procurement process to appoint a partner with the potential to work alongside Children’s Services, Schools and Information. For the schools elements of this Programme we have branded it 'The Ten Year Plan' to attempt to show the significance of the ambition for this Programme.

The partnership with the selected partner will seek to implement new core software applications to support Children’s Services and Schools and link systems up more effectively to allow far better integrated and timely use of data.

Data and the use of the information contained in the IT systems is now even more of a sharp focus for schools; with the OfSTED Framework now demanding more evidence base for intervention and progress in the four areas of inspection. Schools have been key in driving forward new and more integrated, accessible requirements for their use of data and information.

There has been extensive consultation with schools through the schools IT Steering Group and the PICATS and SICATS groups which has been invaluable in assisting the requirements gathering and helping with the evaluation of the bids.

Over the next three years in particular the successful procurement of a strategic partner to work with Hampshire will mean that a Programme of new initiatives and ICT Services for schools will be delivered towards the aims and requirements set with the consultative groups.

The vision for the Children and Schools Transformational IT Programme is:

Information Technology used within Children’s Services and Schools to support the aims and objectives of the Children and Young People’s Plan.

The procurement process is nearing its end with contracts due to be signed with the successful supplier by the end of the calendar year. The Schools Steering Group will continue to meet throughout the remainder of the procurement stages and on into the delivery stages. If you have any further questions of queries you can contact your PI/SICATS representative or email Andrew Martin (

Further information will be sent to you throughout the process and we would encourage your involvement in this Programme in order to ensure your needs are being understood.


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