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Historic Environment

Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings

Interior of cruck framed barn

The landscape of Hampshire contains a diverse range of historic buildings, from Saxon churches to twentieth century military complexes, and from small cottages to country houses, and includes other structures such as telephone kiosks, milestones and bridges.

Buildings which are of special historic or architectural importance are included on a national list drawn up by English Heritage and are protected by legislation.  There are around 12,000 listed buildings in Hampshire and information about these, and over 2,000 other buildings of historic interest, is available from the Archaeology and the Historic Buildings Record.

Buildings, whether listed or not, may also fall within areas of special character worthy of preservation and enhancement which are designated as Conservation Areas by the local planning authority.  Hampshire contains almost 300 such areas ranging from urban centres of historic towns to rural villages.  Conservation Area status increases the local planning authority’s control over the sort of development and alterations allowed to buildings.

Farmstead on Hampshire Downs

Local Materials

St Mary's Church, Avington

Many historic buildings in Hampshire are constructed from local materials and contribute greatly to the surrounding environment.  A general lack of good building stone in the county meant that for ordinary buildings materials which could be obtained locally, such as timber, flint, cob, and brick, were utilised, while the roofs were often thatched with long straw.

Many of these materials present their own particular maintenance issues and problems. Hampshire County Council publications offer help and guidance on these and other subjects.

The County Council has also published copies of 'The Conservation of Water Meadows Structures' written by Edward Roberts based on research by the Hampshire Buildings Survey Group, partly funded by the County Council.



Specific advice about the conservation of individual buildings is available from the local planning authority Conservation Officers (district, borough, or city councils).

Please note that Hampshire County Council no longer gives grants for historic building repairs.

Houghton Bridge


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