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Historic Environment



The publications detailed on the following tabs are available free of charge from the Archaeology and Historic Buildings Section.  They can also be downloaded as PDF files.  Please note this can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer and an Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in may be required.


Historic Buildings

Cover of Listed Building and Conservation Areas

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas explains what listed buildings are, why buildings are listed and the legislation associated with them.  It also discusses Conservation Area designation and controls. Download Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas (Adobe Acrobat Document, 740kb)

Cover of Guide for Listed Building Owners

Historic Buildings-A Guide to Owners is a guide for current or prospective owners of historic buildings, offering advice on both legislative and practical issues. It includes a list of useful contacts. Download Historic Buildings a Guide to Owners (Adobe Acrobat Document, 714kb)


Historic Buildings in Hampshire

Historic Fram Building Cover

*NEW* Historic Farm Buildings in Hampshire looks at the history of farming in Hampshire and discusses some key issues involving farm buildings. It provides useful guidelines for all those with an interest in the historic farm environment. Download Historic Farm Buildings in Hampshire (Adobe Acrobat Document, 3.4mb)

Cover of Buildings at Risk Register 2005

Threatened Historic Buildings in Hampshire 2005 a list of buildings which through neglect, decay, or difficulty in finding an appropriate new use, are at risk. Hampshire County Council, in partnership with the local planning authorities, produced the register annually between 1995 and 2005 with the intention of increasing awareness and involvement in their long term conservation. Download Threatened Historic Buildings in Hampshire 2005 (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1mb)

Other Publications

Cover of Hampshire Houses

Hampshire Houses 1250 – 1700, Their Dating and Development, written by Edward Roberts and based on research by the Hampshire Buildings Survey Group, partly funded by the County Council. Whilst we no longer have copies available to purchase, our reference copy is available to view at the Hampshire Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record, Winchester.



Cover of Earth Structures

Earth Structures highlight the importance of earth (‘cob’) buildings and structures which form part of Hampshire’s vernacular heritage.  It examines the history, characteristics, and conservation of earth structures and sets out a strategy for their care and conservation. Download Earth Structures (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1.4mb)

Cover of Water Meadows Structures

The Conservation of Water Meadows Structures was produced following earlier work by Hampshire County Council which highlighted the significance of water meadows as historic features in the landscape.  It illustrates how typical water meadows were operated, and offers practical guidance on the conservation of structures used in that operation. Download the Conservation of Water Meadows Structures (Adobe Acrobat Document, 695kb)

Hampshire's Historic Parks and Gardens
cover image Hampshire's Historic Parks and Gardens

This publication is aimed at owners and others responsible for the management and conservation of historic parks and gardens.

Download Hampshire's Historic Parks and Gardens Publication Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 3mb

For further details of parks and gardens in Hampshire visit the website of the Hampshire Gardens Trust at:



Cover of Re-pointing

Re-pointing examines the importance of mortars and pointing in relation to historic masonry, looking at the history of Hampshire walling materials, and offering practical guidance on the specification of appropriate mortars and re-pointing techniques. Download Re-Pointing (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1.2mb)

Cover of Thatch

Thatch in Hampshire looks into the history of the thatching tradition in Hampshire, and discusses issues and changing trends which influence the character of thatched historic buildings.  It examines characteristics of materials, issues of sustainability, legislation and repair, and the future of thatching in Hampshire. Download Thatch in Hampshire (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1.7mb)


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