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Improving towns & villages

Current Programme

Major schemes


The Parish Council have identified two schemes within close proximity of each other as part of the Parish Plan process. The first is to improve the setting of the War Memorial and its immediate surrounds. The second project includes the extension of a winter pond and environmental improvements to the surrounds.

Milford on Sea

The village design statement has identified a number of environmental improvements that the local community wish to carry out. One part of the project is a feasibility study of the village green and the surrounds to look at pedestrian safety and to follow this on with the implementation. The second project is to improve the entrance to the village, at present a low rusty knee-rail lines this important route. This will be replaced with a low bund which is in keeping with a typical feature found throughout the New Forest.

West Wellow

The War Memorial acts as the focal point of a road junction within the village. A recent housing development has led to the addition of a new section of footpath. This has left the War Memorial in an isolated position which is not very accessible. The Parish, in conjunction with the British Legion, wish to move the Memorial to provide a more suitable location and to improve the setting. In addition the Parish Council would like to replace their modern village signs with traditional cast iron style finger post signs more in keeping with the local character.


Minor Projects


Street Lighting: The village has an unattractive collection of modern street light fittings which are out of character with the historic nature of the village. The Parish Council wish to replace them with a more traditional design of lantern and to remove the modern columns and locate the new lights and brackets onto buildings and electricity poles.


The Parish Council wish to erect some commemorative historical signs and plaques, to be designed by a local historian.


Recreation Ground: The Parish Council wish to retain and improve a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) which has a species rich grassland at the northern end of the recreation ground and they need to carry out works to the surrounding trees to ensure the long term bio-diversity of the site.

North Waltham

The village pond is the central feature within the village. The verges have become eroded in recent years and they have been partially protected by large granite kerbs. The Parish Council wish to complete the verge edging with a similar solution.

Olivers Battery

Planting and habitat creation. A local group has identified a project for the improvement of an area of land adjacent to the recreation ground. To carry out environmental improvements by planting the area and improving the bio-diversity of the site.

Upper Wield

The Parish Council wish to replace a finger post within the village. This would give the opportunity of providing a distinctive sign.


Preliminary Studies

St Mary Bourne

Outline designs for environmental improvements to the access road to the Village Hall and shop. To lead to the upgrading of this road to adoptable standards.

Liss Village Centre

The village design group have identified within their Village plan a need to reassess the urban design problems in the village centre. These relate to narrow footpaths, traffic congestion, poor street lighting and a concern to keep the village centre and shops buoyant and active.


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