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Brookvale Green Route

Brookvale is one of Basingstoke's best preserved Victorian suburbs and is designated a Conservation Area. Although mainly residential, it is the setting for a number of businesses, and Basingstoke College of Technology. Lying close to the town centre it has the potential to act as an entrance to the town to which it is linked by a network of pedestrian and cycle routes. This scheme will improve the area and its links to the town centre at the same time building on its existing character.

Project Details
On cycleway looking east

Initial ideas for a green route for walkers and cyclists through Brookvale have been welcomed. The route follows the course of the River Loddon and runs from West Ham Leisure Park in the west to the town centre. A masterplan has been drafted taking the route, the river corridor and the green spaces along the way, including George V playing fields and Victory Park.

Project Partners

The County is working in partnership with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Hampshire Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency. Proposals are being worked up in consultation with local community groups, Basingstoke College of Technology and the University of Winchester. Local residents and businesses will be involved in the consultation as the scheme progresses.

Current Status

A formal consultation event was held in January 2010.  A first phase of work is planned to start on site towards the end of 2010 with the main work on the cycling and walking route in spring 2011.



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