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Planning and management of Hampshire's landscape

Landscape Planning

aerial view basingstoke

Landscape planning in Hampshire is guided by national legislation, regulation and planning policy guidance, as well as county level land use plans such as the Minerals and Waste Plan 2013 and the Local Transport Plan 2011-2031, local level District and National Park 'Local Plans', and the procedures that guide the determination of development proposals at the county and district levels.

Management Plans that cover Hampshire's protected landscapes are material planning considerations in the determination of development proposals.

Underpinning these plans, policies and procedures is a comprehensive landscape evidence base at county and district level including Landscape Character Assessment, Historic Landscape Characterisation, the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens the Hampshire Integrated Character Assessment, the Historic Environment Record and 'Ecosystem Services' assessment that maps the specific benefits that the landscape provides to society. These studies also provide the basis for expert advice to internal and external partners on land use planning matters ranging from green infrastructure to coastal management plans.


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