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Hantsnet Passport

Person working at home

Passport should only be used if you need to use any of the following systems:

If you do not need to use any of the above you should use Connect, which has now replaced Passport for the majority of users.

What is Passport?

Hantsnet Passport is used to access your existing Hantsnet account from a home computer or device, or a remote site. When logged in, you can use of all the features of the Hantsnet desktop, such as Microsoft Office applications, HantsFile and the I and F drives (you cannot access software or files stored on a local office PC).

If you want access to Passport, make sure you have the following first:

See the service catalogue on Hantsnet for more information.

First time users

Current users

See using Passport (also see information on tablets).


See support for Passport (includes a troubleshooting guide and FAQs).

A starNews - Java has introduced a new security feature which is causing problems when logging into Passport. This issue can be fixed by following the steps on the Java update page.

* When you use Passport at home, it will use resources and download information in a similar way to any other form of web browsing. If you have limited download capacity on your broadband contract and use Passport for long periods, you may be charged and will not be able to reclaim these charges (as Hampshire do not require that you work at home). If this is the case, it may be worth reviewing your broadband access.


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