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Mobile internet card Mobile Internet Card

The Mobile Internet Card enables you to connect your Hantsnet Laptop on the move to the Internet, OWA, Hantsnet Pages Anywhere and Hantsnet Passport (where the signal strength is strong).

The Card

Mobile Internet Card

The Mobile Internet Card slots into a Hantsnet Laptop to allow you to connect to the Internet using the Vodaphone 3G network.

What will I be able to do where?

Subject to the signal strength in your location (which may vary if you are on the move), you should be able to:

  • send and receive e-mail and update your calendar (using Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • connect to Hantsnet Pages (using Hantsnet Pages Anywhere)
  • connect to Hantsnet (using Hantsnet Passport*).

* You will require a high speed signal to use Hantsnet Passport (see tab 'Wireless Hotspot').



The Mobile Internet Card requires three steps before use:

  1. A software installation (called 3GWatcher) on your Hantsnet Laptop (your local IT Administrator can arrange this)

  2. The SIM card provided with the service has to be inserted into the Internet Card

  3. The Internet Card has to be inserted into the Data Card slot on your laptop (see next tab).

Once this simple setup has been completed you will be able to use the card by following the points in this guidance.


Insert Card

The card is inserted into the data card slot on the side of your laptop.

How to insert the Card

You will need to remove the plastic blank from the slot first, there is a small square button next to the slot which pushes the blank out slightly, so you can grip it and pull it out.

The card is then pushed gently but firmly into the slot as shown (NB the slot may be on the left or right side of the laptop).

How to slot in the Mobile Internet Card

If the laptop is already switched on, the lights on the card should light up when it is inserted completely and a box should pop up to confirm that the card has been detected (this is the 3G Watcher software - see next tab).

If the Card is inserted when the laptop is switched off, no lights will show on the card.  The 3G Watcher software should start when the laptop is turned on.

What if the lights do not show or the software does not load?

The card may not be fully inserted, try removing the card and re-inserting it (pushing it in firmly).

If that does not work, try turning off the laptop and restarting it - you should leave the card in during this re-start.


If a problem arises that is not covered here, please speak with your normal IT contact or call the IT Services Help Desk (01962 847000).

The SIM Card - for information only

Just as it does in your mobile phone, the SIM card contains account information used by the network to validate your access.

You should not need to touch the SIM card, but this picture shows how it fits into the Internet Card.

How the SIM card fits into the Internet Card.



UK coverage map

Similar to normal mobile phone services, the signal coverage will vary.

To find out the strength of the signal in an area you can use the Vodafone UK coverage map.


  • type in a postcode or place name

  • click on the drop down and select Postcode or Place name as appropriate

  • click Check Coverage.

UK coverage map

A map of the postcode or place will be displayed. Refer to the summaries above the map and the colour coding for information about the coverage of the 3G, mobile broadband and standard services for that area. If you need to view information on a specific area, you can zoom in on the map.

Vodafone coverage map



The signal strength can be found using the '3G Watcher' software installed during setup.  This displays the signal strength in a separate window on your laptop and with a bottom tasker icon.

Unless the feature has been disabled, 3G Watcher launches automatically when you insert the Card into your laptop and turn the laptop on.  You can insert the card when the laptop is already turned on.

You can also launch Watcher by double-clicking the desktop shortcut or selecting Start > Programs > Sierra Wireless > 3G Watcher > Watcher.

3G Watcher Screens and Icons

The 3G Watcher software shows the status of your connection to the Vodafone network as shown in the table below:

  • Not connected

    When 3G Watcher first appears it searches for a connection.

    There is also a red taskbar icon Taskbar icon - not connected.

    3G Watcher screen - ready to connect

  • Initializing

    The 3G Watcher screen shows the message initializing when it is searching for a signal.

    3G Watcher - Initializing

  • Connected

    As you connect, a pop-up box appears briefly, it looks like this:

    Connection to O2 network.

    There is also a green taskbar icon Taskbar icon - connected

    3G Watcher screen - connected

  • Device not detected

    This message is displayed if your laptop cannot detect the Card.

    There are instructions you can follow to enable the card, see Troubleshooting tab.

    3G Watcher - card not detected



Card not detected

If the card cannot be 'detected' by the laptop there is a setting that has become disabled - you should be able to fix this with the instructions below.

To 'enable' the card, take the following steps:

  1. Go to your Desktop, by minimising open windows or clicking on the Desktop icon Desktop icon(on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen)

  2. Right click on the My Computer icon and select Properties
    My computer - properties

  3. Select the Hardware tab and click on the Device Manager button
    Open Device Manager

  4. Open the Network adapters folder and right click on the device Sierra Wireless HSDPA Network Adapter, see below:
    Sierra card properties

  5. Click on Enable Device
    enable device

  6. Follow the instructions, click Next and Finish.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do the various LED lights mean?

LED lights

What do the numbers that appear when I hover my mouse over the signal strength indicator mean?

These numbers represent the signal strength in decibels per milliwatt (dBm).

When you hover your mouse pointer over the antenna icon or signal strength bars in Watcher, you will see a negative number:

  • -80 dBm or higher: Good coverage

  • -90 dBm to -81 dBm: Moderate coverage

  • -100 dBm to -91 dBm: Weak coverage

  • -101 dBm to -112 dBm: Unacceptable coverage

  • -113 dBm or lower: No coverage

How can I find out likely coverage in my area?

You can search the Vodafone UK coverage map. While this will provide a good indication of likely coverage it is not exact.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is high speed wireless access to the internet. Wi-Fi is provided via hotspots that broadcast their signal over a range of 50 to 100 metres. You may have one at home to provide broadband access.

Can I use my Card in another machine?

Cards can be used in different machines, however unlimited Wi-Fi can only be registered to one laptop. Should you want to change laptops this can be arranged via IT Orders.

How do I know what I’m connected to?

On the front screen of the connection Manager you will be able to see which network you are connected to. Otherwise you can click on the tools menu and then go into connection settings.

How can I tell how much data I’m using?

In the connection manager go to the tools menu, then help, then log. This will show how much data you have used this calendar month.

Can I connect to Hantsnet and Email from Anywhere?

The types of Services (Passport, OWA etc) you can access will depend on the type and speed of access from your location.

  • 2G





  • 3G





*(Performance will vary depending on number of factors, including location, weather, if you're moving and number of other users)


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