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Beneath the Waves

Stars beneath the sea: the incredible story of the pioneers of the deep sea - Trevor Norton
This highly entertaining history of diving traces its evolution from fishing with spears to today's high-tech equipment.

The dive: a story of love and obsession - Francisco Ferreras
The author shares the story of his addiction to a sport which claimed the life of his wife during her attempt to break the world record.

Underwater Photography - Paul Kay
This beautifully illustrated book by an award winning underwater photographer

The Underwater Photographer - Martin Edge
One of the world's leading experts explains his approach to taking underwater photographs.

Coral Reef Fishes - Ewald Lieske & Robert Myers
This Collins Pocket Guide will help divers and snorkellers to identify over 2,000 species of fish inhabiting the coral reefs.

Diving with sharks and other adventure dives - Jack Jackson
This book covers diving with all kinds of sharks, cave and wreck diving, and diving in strong currents and under ice.

Top dive sites of the world - Jack Jackson
This work features around 60 of the world's top diving locations and practical information on each site includes locator maps and permit requirements.

The sea hunters - Clive Cussler
Dramatic, true accounts of the 12 most remarkable underwater discoveries made by the author and his team.

Into the abyss: diving to adventure in the liquid world - Rod Macdonald
'Into the abyss' charts the dramatic highs and lows of the author's diving career.

Lost treasure ships of the twentieth century - Nigel Pickford
This book contains intriguing stories of lost treasure, dramatic sinkings, heroic feats of survival and technically sophisticated salvage.


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