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Poems and Poets

Keats by Andrew Motion
John Keats abandoned a career in medicine to write poetry. By the time he died aged twenty-five, he had published three volumes of verse to an unreceptive critical response. But as the nineteenth century wore on Keats's reputation would build, and today he is recognised as one of the greatest of the Romantic poets.

Wainewright The Poisoner by Andrew Motion
The author evokes Wainewright's double life in a biography that takes the form of a confession. He strips away the layers of legend and restores Wainewright to his own voice capturing his energy, charm, callousness, wit and wantonness. Macallan Gold Dagger for fiction 2000.

Andrew Motion : Selected Poems 1976-1997
Pack of two audio cassettes read by the author.[cassette pack]

The Surgeon of Crowthorne by Simon Winchester
W.C. Minor was one of the keenest volunteers involved in the making of the Oxford English Dictionary. What the OED's editor didn't realise was that he was also a millionaire American Civil War surgeon turned lunatic, imprisoned in Broadmoor Asylum for murder.

Shelley: the Pursuit by Richard Holmes
'If the art of biography was ever damned, Shelley: The Pursuit redeemed it.' New York Times

The Grasmere Journals by Dorothy Wordsworth
Dorothy Wordsworth's journals are a record of her life with her brother William, when he was at the height of his poetic powers. [cassette pack]

101 Poems To help you understand men (and Women) by Daisy Goodwin
"This is a sometimes witty...always thought-provoking guide ...a portable gathering of wise advice for every readership." Time out

Tennyson's Gift by Lynne Truss
"This epic of the Isle of Wight's literary apogee is virtually the perfect summer book. No deck-chair will be complete without it' - Independent


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