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Trafalgar : the biography of a battle - Roy Adkins

An account of the most important naval battle in British history, which thwarted Napoleon at sea and created a national hero in Nelson.

Journey to the Sea - Sarah Brown
The finest writers from our water-bound nation give us their accounts of adventures and chance encounters, short stories and non-fiction pieces representing the many facets of the sea's power that will haunt and inspire.

Gale Force 10 ; the life and legacy of Admiral Beaufort - Nicholas Courtney
Dover, Wight - Northwest 3 or 4, occasionally 5". While everyone has heard the shipping forecast broadcast on the radio, few realise what the numbers refer to. Known as the Beaufort Scale, it has never been bettered and, as a result, never replaced.

Nelson's Purse - Martyn Downer
In July 2002, Sotheby's announced to the world the discovery of a major cache of material relating to Horatio Nelson. It included the bloodstained purse Nelson was carrying on the day he was shot on board HMS Victory in 1805, still containing its gold coins.

The Custom of the Sea : the true story that changed British law. - Neil Hanson
This is the story of the case that outlawed forever a practice followed since man first put to sea in boats - the custom of the sea - that of drawing straws to survive by eating one of the members of a shipwrecked party.

To rule the waves - Arthur Herman
An epic history of the Royal Navy, from the Spanish Armada to the present, that tells the story of how it dominated the world and laid the foundation for the modern age.

Jack Aubrey commands: a historical companion to the naval world of Patrick O'Brian - Brian Lavery
Brian Lavery, one of the most respected naval historians of his generation, relates the naval fiction of Patrick O'Brian and C S Forester to the real world inhabited by famous Royal Navy heroes such as Lord Nelson, Sir Sidney Smith and Thomas Cochrane.

Atlantic Britain - Adam Nicolson
This is the story of Adam Nicolson's adventure in a small boat around the Western Coast of the British Isles.

Shipwrecked on the top of the world: four against the Arctic - David Roberts
This is Roberts' quest to reconstruct one of the most amazing and inspirational survival story in history: the tale of how four 18th-century sailors endured six years on a barren Arctic island, killing ten polar bears for food.


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