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Anglo Saxon World

The Anglo-Saxon World: an anthology - Kevin Crossley-Holland
An introduction to the Anglo-Saxons in their own words: theirchronicles, laws, letters, charms and poetry.

Anglo Saxon Poetry - S.A.J. Bradley, editor
Originally an oral tradition, a surprising amount of Anglo-Saxon poetry has survived, and is wonderfully evocative with tales of lovers and battles and doomed heroes.

Beowulf - Seamus Heaney, translator
The Anglo-Saxon poem is a classic of European literature.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles - Anne Savage, translator
A record of events from pre-Roman times to the 12th century from the monks who lived through them.

English Heritage Book of Anglo-Saxon England - Martin Welch
The author presents a vivid picture of the Anglo-Saxon people, their traditions, beliefs, communities and settlements.

Celt and Saxon: The struggle for Britain AD 410-937 -Peter Berresford Ellis
The author charts the struggle for the supremacy of Britain between the invading ancestors of the English and the British Celts.

The Anglo-Saxon Age: a very short introduction - John Blair
A brief introduction to the political, social, religious and cultural history of Anglo-Saxon England.

Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon War - D. Nicolle
This book looks at the realities behind the myth of King Arthur against the backdrop of invasion.

Alfred: Warrior King - John Peddie
Alfred fought off the Vikings with the help of the first Royal Navy, which he founded, and maintained Anglo-Saxon supremacy – for a while.

Sutton Hoo: Burial Ground of Kings? - Martin Carver
The author tells the story of the 7th century ship burial - one of the most important archaeological discoveries ever made in Britain.


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