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Now how about those resolutions…

Debt-free wannabe
Martin Lewis
Essential debt advice from the financial guru. There’s a budget planner, case studies for all scenarios and information on borrowing. Get your finances back on track!

The diet selector
Judith Rodriguez
Bamboozled by the hundreds of diets around Rodriguez has got together information on more than 50 diets so that you can choose one that suits your lifestyle, goals and budget. Then again…where are the chocolates?

The healing power of natural foods
Susan Smith Jones
The low down on super foods and whether they can prevent illness. There’s also information on the healing qualities of raw food, sleep and pH balance as well as some easy recipes. I feel better already.

How to go carbon neutral
Mark Brassington
How can you decrease your carbon footprint? If you do what are the benefits and the costs? Asking all the right questions it will help you make choices and effect change.

Son of a stitch ‘n bitch: knitting for men
Debbie Stoller
The end of granny knitting with a book that highlights 45  garments that men will actually wear. Get the needles out and join the revolution!


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