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Cycling books

Rough Ride - Paul Kimmage
Kimmage is an award-winning sports journalist and a former professional road racer.
Rough Ride is an honest account of an also-ran, about gruelling defeats, complete and utter exhaustion, and drugs.

It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to To Life - Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong won the 1999 Tour de France in spectacular style, taking four stages and both a mountain and a time trial. His achievement is even more remarkable because he was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer in October 1996.

Birding by Bike - Simon Woolley
In 2005, Simon Woolley was on a mission - to find 200 species of birds in Hampshire in a year without using motorised transport. "Birding by Bike" is Simon's story of the ups and downs of the Hampshire hills, the big birds and the big dips. We promise you that you won't put this page-turning account down until you reach the very last page. Don't believe us - then read on - Simon has kindly given surfbirds extracts from the book.

French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour De France - Tim Moore
Comic writer Tim Moore trades his car for a bicycle, a map and a water bottle and sets out to cycle the route of the Tour de France. The resulting 2,256-haphazard-mile journey transforms Moore into an incredibly fit and passionately proud cyclist.

Slow Coast Home – Josie Dew
Josie Dew sets out from Portsmouth on a riotous trip around the coastline of the British Isles discovering that her homeland can be as surprising and full of incident as anywhere she has ever been.  Her latest book ‘Long Cloud Ride’ recounts her recent travels across New Zealand.


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