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The WRAP Collection in Hampshire Libraries

What is WRAP?

WRAP is a self-directed approach to mental health recovery which has helped many people.

It differs from other approaches by emphasising wellness rather than identifying and addressing a specific ‘illness’ or condition – depression, panic, anxiety etc.

What is the WRAP collection?

The WRAP collection consists of self-help material in both print and non-print formats - audio CDs, DVDs and a computer CDROM. Some of the items are aimed at specific groups such as younger people and former military personnel.

Where will I find the WRAP collection?

WRAP collections are held in the larger libraries but anyone can reserve an item either online or from any Hampshire library.

How do I borrow WRAP items?

You can borrow any of the WRAP items using an ordinary library borrower card, free of charge. If you do not have a card it’s easy to get one – just ask a member of staff.


Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Resources

Information sources from

All of these resources are designed to be used by individuals either alone or with support. It is recommended however that if individuals are working alone they identify a support person prior to commencing just in case they were to need it.

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WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan
ISBN 0-9631366-1-5

This book is a popular personal guide for adults and older teens to developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

This book presents a system developed and used successfully by people with all kinds of physical, emotional and life issues. It has helped them use self help skills more easily to monitor how they are feeling, decrease the severity and frequency of difficult feelings, and improve the quality of their lives.

This book helps people:

  • develop their own list of activities for everyday well-being
  • track triggering events and early warning signs
  • prepare personal responses for when they are feeling badly
  • create a plan for supports to care for them if necessary.
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WRAP for your computer

This CD is designed for use by teens (ages 12-20) and adults. This learning format is particularly useful for people who want to develop their Wellness Recovery Action Plan on their computer.

The WRAP CD has two files - one is WRAP for Adults and one is WRAP for Teens (although some adults might prefer that simplified version). Each of these files includes complete instructions for developing a WRAP plan and forms that you can fill out and leave on your computer or print out. It is designed so that you can move easily between the instructions and the forms.

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WRAP: Step by Step, Audio CD

This audio CD is designed for use by older teens and adults. It is especially useful for people who learn best by listening, have vision difficulties, or prefer not to read. It can be used as a simple review of the WRAP process and can be used when travelling.

"WRAP: Step-by-Step" is an audio CD in which Mary Ellen Copeland takes the listener step-by-step through developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan™ (WRAP). This CD can be used with or without the books she has written describing the WRAP program.

ISBN 978-0-9795560-6-7

This WRAP DVD is a guide to develop your own WRAP, it presents a system developed and used successfully by people with a variety of physical and emotional difficulties to more easily monitor how they feel and to help themselves feel better, recover, stay well and improve the quality of their lives.

The author of WRAP, Mary Ellen Copeland, will help you -develop your own list of activities for your everyday well being -track triggering events and early warning signs -prepare your personal responses for when you are not feeling well or are having a hard time -create a plan for your supporters to care for you if necessary. By using WRAP, self-management of physical and emotional difficulties becomes possible and practical.
(43 Minutes)

Wellness Tools Audio CD

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The Wellness Toolbox is the cornerstone of WRAP. It contains your personal listing of all the tools you have at your disposal to use to help yourself feel better and stay well.

This CD is designed for personal use by older teens and adults it leads you through an intensive process of uncovering your personal Wellness Tools. It includes many Wellness Tools that you can put in your own toolbox if you think they would work for you.

The Wellness Toolbox can also be used to develop action plans in the full WRAP program.

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WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan for People with Dual Diagnosis
ISBN 0-963166-3-1

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for People with Dual Diagnosis is an adaptation of the popular personal guide to developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Adults and older teens who are working on recovery from dual diagnosis issues benefit from having their own copy.

Learning self help skills for dealing with physical and emotional feelings and behaviours, as well as substance misuse issues, is a simple process... but it's a much greater challenge using these self help methods during the most difficult times, when they can help the most, and incorporating them into daily life.

This book will help people:

  • develop their own list of activities for every day well being
  • track triggering events and early warning signs
  • prepare personal responses for times when things are worsening
  • create a plan for supporters to follow if needed
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WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans & People in the Military
ISBN 0-9631366-8-2

This important booklet was adapted from the well-known and widely used book Wellness Recovery Action Plan. This version of the plan was developed with input and guidance from people who are currently serving in the military as well as veterans and people in veterans' hospitals.

If you are on active duty, in the reserves, or have been in the military you may be having a hard time coping with the hardship, trauma, and loss related to military service and being involved in war-related activities. The Wellness Recovery Action Plan can help you in the process of recovery, of getting well and staying well, and of assisting you in becoming who you want to be and making your life the way you want it. It will also be helpful to you in adapting to any challenges you have in your life like chronic illness, serious disability, being on active duty, or dealing with extreme loss or grief.

WRAP for Veterans & People in the Military DVD

This DVD is based on the book, WRAP for Veterans & People in the Military, Mary Ellen leads viewers through the process of developing their Wellness Tools and WRAP plan.

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A WRAP workbook for kids
ISBN 0-9631366-2-3

A WRAP Workbook for Kids is designed for children ages 7-12. However, with assistance, younger children can use it and some older children might also choose to use it.

With the help of two great kids, Hawk and Esther, this delightful book will guide a child through the process of developing their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It will help them discover all the things they can do to feel good, stay well, and even feel better when the going is hard. It starts with listing all those good and fun things that they can use to develop their action plans, like running with the dog, colouring, and talking to a friend.

As children work on these plans, it helps to have supportive parents, teachers, and other adults who provide support, encouragement and praise as they grow, change, make good decisions, and take positive action on their own behalf. Developing a WRAP is creative, fun, and life-changing for everyone involved.

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Winning Against Relapse: A Workbook of Action Plans for Recurring Health & Emotional Problems
ISBN 0-9631366-5-8

This book is for use by older teens and adults who are working on their recovery, their supporters and care providers. It is an expanded version of WRAP with suggestions for group work.

Every recovery holds the potential for relapse. And for many who have fought their way back to health from a physical disorder or emotional trauma, the return of old feelings and behaviours can be even more devastating than the original crisis.

This workbook provides a carefully structured system that anyone can use to monitor feelings and behaviours and respond to them in a way that reduces or eliminates the possibility of relapse and increases the likelihood that you will feel well most of the time. You will identify those things you need to do every day to maintain an optimum level of wellness, how to recognize the daily events that can cause you to feel badly, the early warning signs that you need to take action, the signs that the situation is worsening, and how to make personal action plans that can reverse the situation. It will also guide you through the process of developing a personal crisis plan for others to use if they need to take responsibility for your care.

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The WRAP Story
ISBN: 978-0-9795560

For years as the author of WRAP Mary Ellen Copeland has heard stories about how WRAP, and the values and ethics that have evolved from it, have affected, transformed and even saved people’s lives.

This book is not all-inclusive. There are hundreds of thousands of other WRAP stories waiting to be told. But it is hoped that the eighty-two stories in this book will further convince you of the power and effectiveness of this simple tool, designed and developed by those of us who experience mental health difficulties.

The stories in this book also show the transformative power of WRAP outside the United States, in countries and cultures with varied practices and beliefs about mental health.

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The Depression Workbook: A Guide to Living with Depression and Manic Depression Second Edition
ISBN 978-1-57224-268-5

The Depression Workbook (2nd. edition) is for personal use by adults, family members, supporters and health care providers. It is in an easy-to-use format and contains forms that guide people through the recovery process.

Learn and practice the latest self-help strategies to relieve depression and address other mental health issues including how to:

  • take responsibility for your own wellness
  • use charts to track and control your moods
  • find helpful care providers
  • build a system of mutual support
  • increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • use relaxation, diet, exercise, and light to stabilize your moods
  • avoid conditions that make you feel worse
  • includes Wellness Recovery Action Plan
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Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Guide to Maintaining Mood Stability
ISBN 1-879237-74-1

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression is an intensive manual for use by people who have been working on their wellness and recovery over time. It is not a beginner's manual. Many people choose to use it after they have used "The Depression Workbook".

This workbook is not light reading. Neither, however, is it complicated, theoretical or esoteric. Living Without Depression and Manic Depression is a straight-forward guide for people who experience mental health difficulties. Interactive exercises teach essential coping skills such as building a strong support system, fighting negative thoughts, finding appropriate professional help, and using relaxation and exercise.

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Recovering from Depression: A Workbook for Teens
ISBN 1-55766-592-3

Recovering from Depression: A Workbook for Teens is designed for personal use by adolescents (ages 12 to 20). When young people experience deep sadness and difficult feelings and behave in ways even they don't understand, it is confusing, upsetting, disabling and even dangerous for them and for the people who love them. Working step-by-step through the wellness process described in this book will give them easy to use skills and strategies that will serve them throughout their life while enhancing self understanding and building self esteem.

This book can also be used as a guide for groups for adolescents and parents and health care providers will find that it enhances their understanding and gives them ideas that they can suggest to their teen. Some adults also prefer using this manual as a personal recovery guide.

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The Loneliness Workbook
ISBN 0-9795560- 0-7

This book is designed for use by older adolescents and adults who are working on issues related to loneliness, and for their family members and care providers.

This book describes how to develop and keep a strong support system, focuses on the importance of personal responsibility, enjoying time alone, support groups and building networks of support. In addition it has addressed many issues that make it difficult for many people to make and keep friends.

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The Worry Control Workbook
ISBN 0-9631366-6-6

The Worry Control Workbook is a resource for adults and older teens who are troubled with intrusive worry and the people who care about and support them, including care providers.

A little worry can actually serve a variety of positive functions, as it does when it helps us identify real problems or motivates us to take some needed action. But for some, worry is a problem, leading to difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, headaches, and other physical complaints. Others feel perpetually tired, have trouble concentrating, or suffer from depression.

The good news is that you can learn to reduce your anxiety and deal with worry more effectively. The Worry Control Workbook is a supportive and comprehensive guide offering real help to anyone struggling with excessive concerns about issues like the world situation, health, money, family or work.

It’s a WRAP – Our Journey in Hampshire

The purpose of this film is to introduce you to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan as it is used in Hampshire and to give you enough information to help you decide if you would like to develop your own plan, to support your own journey to recovery. The film was written and produced by service users for service users. The ideas were brought together by a focus group through shared experience of using the Wellness Recovery Action Plan.


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