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Help and Guidance

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Library staff are able to help with basic tasks, such as logging on and opening a file or finding a known website. They can also assist with simple printing, scanning and saving. The support that we can offer at any one time depends on the resources and staff available and is at the discretion of library staff.

Most libraries have books on using the software we provide, such as Microsoft Word. Staff can help you find these.

Many libraries also run course and workshops.

Are the websites I can visit restricted?

Yes. The library uses filtering software to block access to offensive sites, although this cannot guarantee the complete exclusion of undesirable material. Different levels of filtering are automatically applied according to the age group of the user, which is identified when you log on.

Can I use email?

You can send and receive email from the library computers using a webmail e-mail account.
You cannot use an email client such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Eudora.

Can I connect my own equipment?

You can connect some types of your own equipment to the library computers using a USB connector. Only equipment that does not have its own input device, such as a keyboard, can be used. This means that USB memory sticks, digital cameras and external hard drives are all acceptable but laptops and PDAs are not.

Can I download pictures from a digital camera?

Digital cameras can be connected to the computer using a USB cable (normally provided with the camera).
You cannot put a memory card from the camera directly into the computer.

Can I listen to music?

You need to use headphones to listen to anything on the computers. In some libraries headphones are available for you to borrow - please ask at the desk. Alternatively you can provide your own. The headphones plug into the front of the computer.

Can I book a session in advance?

Yes. Please see Booking a computer.


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