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The Museum on the Mezzanine at Gosport Discovery Centre

Make a voyage of discovery about Gosport in this exciting display, with objects, display panels and set pieces which trace the story of Gosport through the centuries.

The Time Detectives

People dig up pieces of clay pipe, or skulls, or coins, or fossils. The 'Time Detectives' shows examples of some of the small items which can be found this way. Use the 'Time Detectives' to help you identify your finds and show a path to find out more.

Fortress Gosport

Is your house on the site of one of Gosport's ancient defences? ... find out in 'Fortress Gosport. This ground breaking computer programme traces the changes in defences in Gosport over hundreds of years. From Norman times to the Second World War, Gosport has played its part in the defence of the realm. Fabulous graphics help you share the experience of the last one thousand turbulent years.

Gosport in Sound and Film

See and hear Gosport people from the past. This specially designed unit brings the Gosport of the past to life in the present using sound and film from the Wessex Film and Sound Archive.

The Geology Gallery

Across the road in the Local Studies Centre you will find the Geology Gallery.with our fabulous collection of rocks and fossils. This fascinating collection tells the story of Gosport and its surrounding area over millions of years and goes back to the dinosaurs and way beyond.



Museum displays

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