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Learning, Engagement & Adult Development Project (LEAD)

Background to LEAD Project

In October 2008 Hampshire County Council successfully secured £1.2million from the Community Libraries scheme supported by the Big Lottery Fund. This has enabled Hampshire’s library service to launch the LEAD (Learning, Engagement & Adult Development) Project.

The LEAD Project is a significant development for five Hampshire Libraries – Waterlooville, Hayling Island, Leigh Park, Havant and Aldershot. The funding has been used to make building improvements at all sites including at least one designated learning space for each of the libraries.

The LEAD Project outcomes provide the focus for development. Community engagement activity will support the project and enable Hampshire’s Library Service to ensure programmes are relevant to the communities it serves.

The LEAD Project aims to improve the physical capacity at each site and will attract a wider cross section of users and create facilities for adult learning and community activities. Hampshire Learning” will deliver a varied learning programme to a diverse community within the project’s geographical area.

LEAD Project Outcomes

  1. Communities are actively engaged in the development and management of library services This outcome includes the outreach work, volunteer programme and volunteer into employment opportunities.
  2. By 2012, 60 adults of working age who completed the ‘Get Back to Work’ course will achieve a full level 2 qualification. Employment courses are available at each site and include a comprehensive range of employability skills. The courses include Basic Computing, On-line job searching, CV preparation, interview techniques and enabling adults to identify their skills. Adults will have the opportunity to progress to a NVQ qualification delivered by a local partner provider.
  3. By 2012,1000 new adult learners will have participated in ICT courses and report increased computer skills. Adults of all ages will have the opportunity to participate in I.C.T. training courses. A wide range of courses will be available for different levels. These course are aimed at adults who are interested in home computing or to those who required training for employment reasons.
  4. By 2012, 1000 parents with no formal qualifications will attend a family learning activity and 25% will have completed a formal parenting course. Family learning is an effective way to engage with adults through the needs of their children. Local families can enjoy learning together, and at the same time find out about parenting courses and how this kind of learning can benefit the whole family.
  5. Create ‘fit for purpose and modern’ library buildings through improved design and accessibility, in order to attract a wider cross section of the community. The new community rooms and spaces are all available to hire and community groups are encouraged to use the facilities for their own enjoyment.
  6. Improve personal development and well being through our adult learning programme. The LEAD project also offers an extensive informal leisure learning programme. This programme is constantly changing as new requests are received from the local community relating to the learning needs that they have.

The Learning Offer

Hampshire Learning is responsible for the funding, quality and delivery of learning opportunities within the LEAD Project.

An extensive learning offer will be available at each site. The courses will reflect those requested by the community via the community management panels. The LEAD project prides itself on its flexibility in being able to continuously grow its learning offer in order to be relevant and meet the needs of the local community.

The learning programme is extensive and continuously changing in order to meet the needs and requests from the local community.
To find out more about the courses or enrol please contact your local centre where a member of staff will be able to deal with your enquiry. Fees apply to some courses although there are concessions available. This can be discussed before enrolment to the course.

Learning opportunites include

    • Volunteer training
    • Basic computing
    • Internet & email
    • Word processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Desk Top Publishing
    • Using memory sticks & CDs  
    • Computer drop in sessions
    • Computer taster sessions
    • Online shopping  
    • Using ebay
    • Computing for independent living
    • Silver surfers computer sessions
    • Employment courses
    • Job searching on-line
    • Assessing skills for work
    • Interview techniques
    • Using powerpoint
    • CV writing & covering letters
    • Family craft activities
    • Family languages
    • Healthy eating for families
    • Puppet making
    • Music from junk
    • Enjoy fiction
    • Nail art
    • Pamper yourself evenings
    • Flower arranging for 21st century
    • Yoga
    • Basic drawing
    • Scrap booking
    • Bead making
    • Holiday languages
    • Origami
    • Fun with textiles

Community Management Panels

In preparation for the application to the Big Lottery Fund, Community Management Panels (CMP) were introduced in order to consult with the community and help to shape the project.

CMPs remain an important channel for community engagement and meet quarterly at each of the five libraries. Their remit is to provide views and comments which influence the development and delivery of the LEAD project.

Each CMP includes members of the community drawn from existing library customers and people who have been identified from local hard to reach groups and invited to participate.

CMPs have been involved with the establishment of project outcomes and made suggestions for learning outcomes, contributed to the design of the terms of reference for meetings and participated in the selection process for the project development workers.

CMPs continue to be the mechanism to bring together county council officers, interested stakeholders and local people in order to manage and develop the LEAD Project and in some cases wider library issues.

For more information

  • Havant Library and Learning Centre tel 023 9248 4945
  • Leigh Park Library and  Learning Centre tel 023 9248 4172
  • Aldershot Library and  Learning Centre tel 01252 322560
  • Hayling Island Library and  Learning Centre tel  023 9246 1534
  • Waterlooville Library and  Learning Centre tel 023 9225 2608

LEAD Project – Volunteer Programme and Volunteer into Employment

Volunteering is an important element for the development and relevance of the LEAD Project. The volunteer programme has been designed primarily to support individuals rather than achieve project delivery. It offers the opportunity for adults to gain valuable skills and experience. The adults involved have the opportunity to enhance their own well-being or, where appropriate, aid the transition onto further learning or employment.

Volunteering activity might include

  • Setting up learning spaces, including providing refreshments and supporting tutors with photocopying and other necessary preparation
  • With guidance from Library Officers, the selection of appropriate books to support the library learning offer
  • Supporting the library’s summer reading scheme
  • Involvement with the support and training of other volunteers
  • Administrative duties
  • Supporting library retail co-ordinators
  • Mentoring adult learners
  • Supporting tutors with courses such as internet taster sessions, art & craft activities or employability courses
  • Attending and being an active member of the library’s Community Management Panel

All volunteers will be offered a comprehensive induction and training programme tailor made to the needs of the individual. An accredited course in volunteering will be available but not mandatory.

Volunteer recruitment training sessions are offered periodically throughout the year. No experience is necessary as full training is given. LEAD project Volunteers will be able to participate in any learning opportunity within the programme free of charge.


Libraries and Learning Centres

Aldershot Library and Learning Centre

109 High St, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 1DQ
tel 01252 322560 (Learning courses and room hire enquires)

  • A flexible learning space to accommodate a range of learning activities.
  • Computer suite with 9 computer terminals, an integral data projector and display screen.
  • Separate space where learners can take refreshments and relax.
  • Accessible WC with baby changing facilities.

Havant Library and Learning Centre

Meridian Centre, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1UN
tel 023 9248 4945 (Learning courses and room hire enquires)

  • 4 learning zones including a community room for hire which is flexible for any use.
  • Car parking at Meridian Centre, Rail and Bus stations nearby.
  • Library & community room fully accessible.

Hayling Island Library and Learning Centre

Elm Grove, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 9EE
tel 023 9246 1534 (Learning courses and room hire enquires)

  • 2 Learning zones including a community room which is flexible for hire for any use.
  • Accessible toilet with baby changing facilities.
  • Library & learning centre users car park beside library.
  • Library & community room fully accessible.
  • Coffee  and Tea available.

Leigh Park Library and Learning Centre

50 Park Parade, Leigh Park, Hampshire PO9 5AB
tel 023 9248 4172 (Learning courses and room hire enquires)

  • 4 Learning zones including community room which is flexible for hire for any use.
  • Accessible toilet available for Learners  and room hirers.
  • Library and community room fully accessible.
  • Public car parking nearby.
  • Volunteering opportunities.

Waterlooville Library and Learning Centre

The Precinct, Waterlooville, PO7 7DT
tel 023 9225 2608 (Learning courses and room hire enquires)

  • 3 Learning zones including community room which is flexible for hire for any use.
  • Accessible toilet with baby changing facilities.
  • Library accessible but by lift to floors 1st, 2nd and 3rd on which the community room is located.
  • Public car parking nearby.
  • Coffee Pot area – ground floor.

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