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Food Glorious Food!

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato -Lauren Child
Charlie has inventive ways of making his little sister, Lola, try new foods.

Oliver's Milkshake -Vivian French
Auntie Jen is determined that Oliver will drink his milk. But just how will she persuade him?

Avocado Baby -John Burningham
Once the Hargraves start feeding their baby avocado, strange things happen.

Eat Your Peas - Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt
Mum really wants Daisy to eat her peas. The bribes get bigger and bigger until Daisy turns the tables on Mum.

Fruits - Valerie Bloom
How much fruit can one girl eat in a day?

No more biscuits! - Paeony Lewis
Florence tries to persuade Mum to restock the biscuit tin, but Mum has a plan of her own.

Greedy grumpy Hippo - Stuart Trotter
The animals decide to play a trick on Hippo to cure him of his greedy ways.

Bumpety bump! - Pat Hutchins
A boy and his Grandpa go to pick vegetables in the garden, followed by a hen who has a surprise for them at the end of the story.

Delicious! - Helen Cooper
There aren’t any pumpkins for Duck’s favourite soup and he refuses to eat anything else.

Chocolate mousse for greedy goose - Julia Donaldson
A rhyming story featuring a wide range of animals and favourite foods.


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