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Pet Picture Books

The Great Pet Sale - Mick Inkpen
Everything in the pet shop must go, even the rat with half his whiskers missing! 'I'm only 1p. Choose me, ' he calls. But first, the little boy must look through all the other animal bargains.

What Pet to Get? - Emma Dodd
Jack longs for a pet, something big, something exciting…like an elephant…or a lion. Mum always has a sensible argument against Jack's suggestions. Eventually they agree on a puppy. But what Jack chooses may not be exactly what Mum had intended!

Dan and Diesel - Charlotte Hudson
Dan's dog, Diesel, is a wonder dog. Together they can do anything.and go anywhere -  ride on trains and planes and in underground tunnels, climb mountains, go shopping at the market,  play jazz in the Boogaloo band. Everything changes when Diesel goes missing.

My Perfect Pet - Stuart Trotter
Rhyming descriptive words accompany fun colourful images of unusual pets that Eddy doesn't have, as he demonstrates why he doesn't before revealing his perfect pet.

Perfect Pet - Peta Coplans
Hen wants a pet, so she goes to the pet shop to buy one. The pig behind the counter has many sensible suggestions but none is quite right for the hen, who has her own ideas about what would make the perfect pet.

Mog the Forgetful Cat - Judith Kerr
Mog always seems to be in trouble for her forgetfulness but one night it comes in very handy!

Funnybones: The Pet Shop - Allan Ahlberg
The big skeleton and the little skeleton get fed up with the dog skeleton and decide to swop him at the pet shop. They start off with a goldfish but soon get tired of him and swop him for a parrot until they get bored with him, and so it goes on.

Mutt Dog - Stephen Michael King
Mutt Dog is adorable. But Mutt Dog doesn't have a home. Can Mutt Dog find someone to love him and put a roof over his head?


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