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Alzheimer's Disease

Singing with Momma Lou / Linda Jacobs Altman

A poignant story in which Tamika’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s and Tamika helps her to remember things by taking mementos of her past to talk about. Set in America.
Age 6+

Mile-high apple pie / Laura Langston & Lindsey Gardiner.

The story of a little girl whose Grandma has Alzheimer's disease. Told in a sensitive way, the tale explains how family life is affected by this illness.
Age 3+

My little grandmother often forgets / Reeve Lindbergh

A simple rhyming story to explain to children the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
Age 3+


When a book might help

Sharing stories about various situations can put a child’s mind at ease and make transitions and new experiences easier to cope with and more understandable.

Useful Organisation

Alzheimer's Society
UK care and research: charity for people with dementia, their families and carers

  • Helpline  0845 3000336

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