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Library services and resources for people with dyslexia

Libraries are welcoming to all and we’re particularly keen to encourage use by children and adults who have difficulties with reading. If you haven’t been into a library for a while we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer.

Concessionary Membership Schemes

Anyone with a condition which makes reading a problem, such as dyslexia, is entitled to concessionary membership which offer customers special borrowing rights.

Audio Books

We have a great range of books on cassette, CD and for download.  Most of them are unabridged though we also have some shorter versions as well. The titles you see on the library shelves are just a very small part of the total collection so do check the catalogue or ask library staff to do it for you.

Print Disabled and Concessionary Audio-Visual Card holders are allowed to reserve audio books in Hampshire's stock free of charge.

Large print books

Libraries have always been the best source of large print books which use a bigger, clearer typeface. Some people assume they must be abridged but they’re not. Many with eyesight problems prefer them while others simply find them more convenient.

Quick Reads

If you haven’t got the time or the inclination to get into a full-length book, you should try one of the new Quick Reads. These are short, well-written books aimed at grabbing your interest. You can get Quick Reads in three different forms

Graphic novels

These are books which tell a story using a combination of words and drawings in box strips, like a comic. The variety of subject matter and the quality of the art work make them very popular with all ages, especially teenagers.

Essential Skills collection

Books from this collection are aimed at helping adults to improve their essential skills like reading and numbers.  Also available are short reading books for different levels of ability. Some of these come with tapes and CDs.

Children's books

The publisher Barrington Stoke produces a range of books specifically for children with dyslexia and those who are struggling or reluctant readers.  These are shorter stories that are easy to read on cream coloured pages.

The are kept in author order in the main children’s stories and teen sections and are slim books, but the publisher’s name Barrington Stoke can always be seen on the spine.  If you cannot find any on our shelves, please ask a member of staff for help.  You can also reserve items from home using the library catalogue for a small charge.

Bee Aware Scheme

It’s an odd name but a great idea for helping certain people including those who have to rely on audio formats, like tape and CD, for their reading. The scheme makes it possible for a reader to borrow stock from all over the UK just by visiting their local library.

The scheme requires that you fill out a declaration form which will enable you to request items free of charge.


All libraries provide free access to computers, giving access the internet and a range of software.
The Supernova program is available in every library and magnifies the screen and can also read everything on it in an electronic voice.

Access technology

Many libraries have CCTV magnifiers which enlarge books, maps, photographs – in fact whatever you can fit underneath them.
Some models allow the colour scheme to be changed so that print, for example, doesn’t have to be black on white.


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