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Corporate Identity

Coat of arms

Our corporate identity and flag are based on the coat of arms granted to the Council in 1992. The coat of arms represents the county’s history and traditions. It is used only for formal and ceremonial purposes, such as long service awards, the Leader’s and Chairman’s stationery and commemorative items. It is also used on county border road signs.

Contact the Communications Team for any queries about the coat of arms.

Can individual elements of the County Council’s coat of arms be used to make up the design of other organisation’s logos and flags?

Organisations can only include elements of our coat of arms in their logos and flags if they have been sufficiently redesigned so as not to infringe copyright. For example, the Hampshire rose is used by several organisations in Hampshire, but all look different. The coat of arms represents Hampshire County Council and not the county of Hampshire. Our Record Office does not hold any information on a county badge that could be used to represent the county.


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