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HMS M.33

Later naval history of M.33


Following her return from Russia she became a tender. 1924 The ship became part of the Reserve Fleet at Chatham. 1925 Monitor M.33 was converted to a minelaying training ship and based at HMS Vernon, Portsmouth. She was renamed HMS Minerva. 1939 She was used at Portsmouth for a variety of purposes, including that of a fuelling hulk. She was formally hulked the following year and put up for sale.


She was converted to a boom defence workshop.


She was towed to the Clyde where she acted as part of the boom defences on the river.


Monitor M.33 returned to Portsmouth Harbour. She became a floating workshop and office, servicing local Fleet Auxiliary craft at the Royal Clarence Yard. She was renamed RMAS Minerva Hulk C.23.


RMAS Minerva Hulk C.23 was put up for sale.


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M.33 as a hulk, 1970s

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