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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
HCC/2016/0080 TVE066 East Anton MDA, Andover Hampshire Construction of 2 forms entry single storey primary school with associated car parking and external works
HCC/2016/0061 TVE019 North Baddesley Junior School, Fleming Avenue, North Baddesley, Southampton Hampshire SO52 9EP Recladding including new windows and doors and re-roof
16/00241/CMAN TV231 The A303 Recycling Facility, Drayton Road, Barton Stacey, Hampshire SO21 3QS Variation of condition 3 of planning permission 13/01643/CMAN (working hours)
16/00242/CMAN TV231 The A303 Recycling Facility, Drayton Road, Barton Stacey, Hampshire SO21 3QS Retrospective application for additional lorry parking associated with the adjoining IBA processing facility and MRF
16/00088/CMAS TV055 Raymond Brown Minerals and Recycling Ltd, Lee Lane, Lee, Hampshire, SO16 0AD Temporary variation of condition 4 of planning permission 14/00024/CMAS to remove the restriction of a maximum of six vehicles between 06:30 and 07:00 for the duration of the nearby road works i.e until February 2017
16/00058/CMAN TV256 Plot 37, Central Way, Walworth Industrial Estate, Andover SP10 5AN Change of use to energy recovery centre ERC comprising the use of Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) (gasification) to convert non-hazardous waste into electricity and heat together with erection of 2 no. flue stacks to existing building and provision of 2 no. dry air cooling towers
15/03104/CMAS TV236 Unit 2 Yokesford Hill Romsey Hampshire SO51 0PF Vary condition 14 of planning permission 10/01992/CMAS to permit stockpiling to the rear of Yokesford Hill Industrial Estate Area A1, B1, A2, B3 C and D to the level 35.58 meters AOD (the eaves height of Building 3)
15/03105/HCC3N TVE032 Harrow Way Community School Harrow Way Andover Hampshire SP10 3RH New modular dance studio to be built
15/03107/CMAS TV066 RFSF Recycling, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Hampshire SO51 0PG Variation of condition 12 (hours of operation for HCV's) and condition 22 (HCV movements) of Appeal Decision APP/Q1770/A/11/2161324
15/02533/CMAN TV183 Heath House Estate, Sandy Down, Lane, Sandydown Hampshire SO20 6BU Variation of condition 2, 12 and 13 of planning permission TVN4491/2 (to enable the continued use of the site for green waste composting until 31 December 2030)
15/02400/CMAS TV024 Casbrook HWRC, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, Romsey Hampshire SO51 0PG Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 10/02710/CMAS (extend the time period to 31 December 2025)
15/02205/HCC3N TVG011 Andover Wood, Nr Anton Lane, Enham-Alamein, Hants SP11 Instillation of surfaced footpaths for public use & one management track for future management of woodland, instillation of 'parking hardstanding' for use of people with disabilities visiting the 'Jubilee woodland' within the Andover Wood project area
15/02062/HCC3N TVE065 Amport Church of England Primary School, The Green, Amport Hampshire SP11 8BA (Listed Building Application) Removal/demolition of dumb waiter lift and cabinet at ground and first floor levels and demolition on internal partition wall
15/01658/HCC3N TVE064 Church of England Primary School, East Street, Andover Hampshire SP10 1EP (Listed Building Application) Conversion of an external store building into a boiler room to serve a new heating system in the main school building
15/01541/HCC3S TVE019 North Baddesley County Infant School, Botley Road, North Baddesley, Hampshire SO52 9EE Temporary Single Modular Classroom
15/01521/CMAS TV228 Ashfield Tyre Depot, Ashfield, Romsey Hampshire SO51 9NG Variation of conditions 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19 and 20 of planning permission 07/01543/CMAS to revise the phasing drawings and provide Environmental Management Scheme; variation of condition 21 (to change the footprint and layout of the new recycling building); replacement of the existing old tyre baling building with a new building and a variation to location, footprint and construction of the workshop and office/welfare building
15/01367/HCC3N TVE022 Hurstbourne Tarrant Church of England Primary School, Church Street, Hurstbourne Tarrant Hampshire SP11 0AX Replacement of existing single temporary modular classroom with another single temporary modular classroom
15/00826/CMAS TV226 Roke Manor Quarry, Shootash , Romsey Hampshire SO51 6GA Planning application for the re-alignment of the haul road crossing relating to mineral working
15/00063/HCC3N TVE059 Barton Stacey C of E Primary School, Roberts Road, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3RY Facade and Overcladding
15/00006/CMAS TV066 RFSF Recycling, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Hampshire SO51 0PG Removal of an existing lean to building and replacement with a picking station including associated conveyors and containers, replacing an existing picking station with a larger unit, provision of concrete surfacing for aggregate storage, minor extension and relocation of the existing offices/mess rooms and revision of vehicle manoeuvring/car parking area with associated changes to approved Layout Drawing 396C/SL/2 (March 2011 as referenced in Condition 2 of Appeal Decision APP/Q1770/A/11/2161324
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