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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Fareham

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
P/98/1300/CC FAE026 Lord Wilson School, Coldeast Way, Sarisbury Green Demolition, alterations and extension to existing school building with minor external works
P/98/1278/CC FA025 Warren Farm/Down End Quarry, Down End Road, Fareham Construction and operation of a green waste composting facility with ancillary site infrastructure and store
P/98/1211/CC FAE013 Henry Cort Community School, Hillson Drive, Fareham Extension to existing School
P/98/1088/CC FAE017 Wicor Primary School, Hatherley Crescent, Portchester, Fareham 2 single storey pitched classroom extensions with single storey flat link to existing school, existing temporary classroom to be demolished. Erection of single storey double temporary classrooms for duration of the construction works
P/98/0921/CC FA068 Part Unit 6, Crompton Way, Segensworth Industrial Estate, Fareham Change of Use to Clinical Waste Transfer Station
P/98/0820/CC FAE015 Stubbington Study Centre, 184 Stubbington Lane, Stubbington, Fareham Single storey extension for staff accommodation and sick bay unit including associated storage and staff room link
P/98/0733/CC FAE023 Heathfield Special School, Oldbury Way, Fareham Construction of new single storey extensiton wiht related site works, minor alterations to existing building and demolition of an external store
P/98/0628/CC FAE025 Castle Primary School, Castle Street, Portchester Renew the asbestos cement roof covering to pitched roof area, replace with profiled steel sheeting
P/98/0629/CC FAE024 Orchard Lea Infant & Junior Schools, Kennedy Avenue, Fareham Replacement of existing boundary fencing and gates to south entrance and north boundaries with 2.0m high railings and gates
P/98/0605/CC FAE021 Whiteley Primary School Provision of two double temporary classrooms with toilets
P/98/0500/CC FAE023 Heathfield Special School, Oldbury Way, Fareham Provision of three double temporary classrooms with wc's
P/98/0443/CC FA025 Warren Farm/Downend Quarry, Downend Road, Fareham Construction and operation of a temporary green waste composting facility with ancillary site office & store, *(variation of condition for period of completion)* deleted
P/98/0376/CC FA064 Wallington Depot, Military Road, Fareham Redevelopment to provide integrated waste recycling and transfer facility with offices and parking APPLICATION WITH ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT
P/98/0251/CC FA067 Eastern Distributor Road, (Cartwright Drive) Segensworth, Titchfield Disposal of surplus subsoils generated by road construction by local remodelling of landform and bunding
P/98/0164/CC FAE004 Brookfield Community School, Brook Lane Sarisbury Green To enlarge the approved games area to a 'multi use games area'
98/0032/CC FAS008 Former Adult Training Centre, Land to rear of Wynton Way, Fareham Construction of a single storey older persons day centre with associated parking
P/97/1238/CC FAE009 Park Gate Primary School, Northmore Road, Park gate Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref 10359) to accommodate numbers on roll. Expiry Date January 1999
P/97/1239/CC FAE016 Crofton Hammond Junior School, Mancroft Avenue, Stubbington, Fareham Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref 10205) to accommodate numbers on roll Expiry date January 1999
P/97/1218/CC FAE008 Sarisbury Junior School, Allotment Road, Sarisbury Green Continied siting of one single temporary classroom for two years
P/97/1212/CC FAE015 Stubbington Study Centre, Stubbington Lane, Stubbington continued siting of two double temporary classrooms for two years (Ref; 10253 & 10254)
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