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Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
09/94435 NF226 Marchwood ERF, Oceanic Way, Marchwood, SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire SO40 4BD Variation of condition 16 of Planning Permission 69546 to extend the range of waste to include other municipal or commercial waste in addition to waste collected by or on behalf of waste collection authorities in Hampshire
09/94393 NFE044 Forest Education Centre, Cabot Drive, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton, Hampshire SO45 5UG Continued siting of double temporary modular building on site
09/94313 NF258 Tesco Stores Ltd, Caird Avenue, NEW MILTON, Hampshire BH25 6BP Replacement of existing recycling facilities with new tomra automated recycling centre
09/94226 NFE026 Bransgore Primary School, Ringwood Road, Bransgore CHRISTCHURCH BH23 8JH Erection of a 15142 mm x 9742mm temporary unit with large teaching classroom, 2 no. offices, kitchenette and 2 no. toilets including an accessible toilet
09/94039 NFE005 Sopley Primary School, South Ripley BH23 8ET Installation of a 6kW Proven wind turbine on a 15m mast
09/93834 NFE001 Noadswood Secondary School, North Road, Dibden Purlieu, SO45 4ZF To construct a mini Synthetic Turf Pitch (60.90m x 42.60m) with 6m and 4m high green weldmesh ball stop fencing, 6 No. 10m high floodlighting columns, associated drainage and access footpath, to enhance an existing tennis court with 2.4m high galvanised weldmesh fencing to fill existing gaps, 6 No. 8m high floodlighting columns and new paint markings, to raise level and re-instate part of one existing grass football pitch
08/93704 NF095 Mount Pleasant Sand and Gravel Pit, Mount Pleasant, Sway Variation of condition 1, 11 & 12 of Planning permission 75970 to complete site restoration and to amend the approved restoration scheme
08/93469 NFE030 Forest Edge School, Lydlynch Road, Totton, SO40 3DW Demolition of the existing Forest Edge School and adjoining Pupil Referal Unit (known as the Clifford Centre) to facilate the erection of a single storey, purpose built special school on the same site
08/93477 NFE017 Priestlands County Secondary School, North Street, Pennington, Lymington SO41 8FZ Installation of roof mounted solar panels
08/93451 NF042 Efford HWRC, Pennington, Milford Road, Lymington SO41 8AL Variation of condition 2 of PP 82145 to extend the hours of operation
08/93378 NF021 Hampshire County Council Recycling Centre, Somerley, RINGWOOD BH24 3QE Variation of condition 2 of PP: 00065860M to extend the hours of operation
08/93370 NF018 Marchwood HWRC, Normandy Way, Marchwood SO40 4AG Variation of condition 11 of PP 046905 to extend the hours of operation
08/93571 NF235 Hampshire Turf, Northern Access Raod, Fawley Variation of condition 8 of PP: 07/92129 to allow imporation of soils, inert waste wood and green waste
08/93537 NF095 Mount Pleasant Sand & Gravel Pit, Mount Pleasant, Sway Development of land without complying with condition 1 of Planning Permission 75970 and the variation of this condition to extend the period of restoration
08/93179 NFE012 Hounsdown School, Jacobs Gutter Lane, Totton, SOUTHAMPTON SO40 9FT Proposed installation of photo-voltaic (solar) panel to the roof of the school
08/93178 NFE031 Orchard Junior School, Water Lane, Dibden Purlieu, SOUTHAMPTON SO45 4SB Proposed installation of photo-voltaic (solar) panel to the roof of the school
08/93337 NF075 Ambervale Waste Transfer Station, Pitmore Lane, Sway Use of Portacabin as Office
08/93166 NFE005 Sopley Cp School, South Ripley, CHRISTCHURCH BH23 8ET Extension to provide two classrooms and offices
08/92970 NF186 Ibsley Quarry, Salisbury Road, Ringwood Variation of condition 1 (timescales) and condition 19 (restoration) of Planning Permission 07/90688
08/92923 NF018 Marchwood Transfer Station, Bury Road, Marchwood, SOUTHAMPTON SO40 4UD Revised temporary Waste Transfer Station to that approved under planning permission no. 07/89251
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