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Strategic Planning

All Applications in New Forest

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
08/92855 NFE005 Sopley Primary School, South Ripley, CHRISTCHURCH BH23 8ET Continued siting of a temporary classroom (Ref: 70024) for a further period of time
08/92603 NF257 Hounsdown Business Park, Totton Change of use of existing industrial building to a materials recycling facility with subsequent amendments to service yard, site access and entrance to building and the provision of new weighbridges, fuel tank and landscaping
08/92599 NF248 Ringwood Sewage Treatment Works New outfall structure to be located further downstream of an existing outfall located on the Bickerley Mill Stream, a tributary of the River Avon SSSI
08/92580 NF160 Cheyney Farm, Romsey Road, Ower, Romsey SO51 6AF Re-grading of agricultural land to original pre 1973 level with inert soil
08/92566 NF042 Efford - Eastern Lake Area, Pennington, Lymington Proposal for the extraction of clay from Efford Lake construction site, for the use in the restoration of wetlands in the New Forest National Park and the Restoration of the clay extraction site by infilling with inert waste to complete construction of the lake
08/92990 NF075 Ambervale Farm, Pitmore Lane, Sway Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 07/91461 to allow for an increase in the number of daily vehicle movements (Monday-Friday) from 60 to 100 of which no more that 80 shall be heavy commercial vehicles (HCV's)
08/92516 NF105 Blue Haze Landfill Verwood Road Somerley Ringwood Hampshire The Installation of Four Landfill Gas Engines, Replacement Landfill Gas Flare, Gas Scrubbing Equipment, Control Cabin, Leachate Treatment Facility and Associated Plant within a Secure Compound.
08/92343 NF001 Pyros Environmental Limited, Charleston Road, Hardley, Hythe, Southampton SO45 3ZA Replacement Shredder Plant and Equipment
08/92274 NFE044 Forest Education Centre Cabot Drive Dibden Purlieu Hampshire SO45 5UG Provision of one double temporary classroom with WC's for a temporary period
08/92168 NFE005 Sopley Primary School South Ripley Bransgore Christchurch BH23 8ET Provision of one single temporary classroom unit for a temporary period
08/92140 NF001 Pyros Environmental Ltd, Charleston Road, Hardley, Hythe, Southampton Proposed laboratory, gatehouse and amenities building
08/91952 NF255 Land at Plumley Wood and Farm, Burnt Hill, Nea Farm, Blue Haze and Blashford Quarries, Near Ringwood New Development comprising the proposed extraction of sand & gravel & deep sand (incorporating the diversion of public footpaths) with restoration to agriculture, commercial forestry, deciduous woodland & heathland & associated development including: 1. the construction of a mineral washing plant at Burnt Hill together with the storage of Plumley Wood mineral at Burnt Hill with restoration of the site to heathland; 2. extension of existing field conveyor system from Nea Farm Quarry to Plumley Wood (via Burnt Hill) including bridge sections over Harbridge Drove & public footpath at Plumley Wood; 3. the phased redevelopment of Blashford Plant site including the extension of the plant site & recycling operations into Lodge Field; 4. variation of conditions of Planning Permission No. 06/88238 including key variations to condition 2 (extension of time), 6 (hours of working), 24 (stockpile heights), 27 (screen bunding at Blashford) & 48 (storage capacity of recycled aggregates/arisings)
07/92181 NF161 Fawley Quarry, Badminston Farm, Fawley Variation of condition 3 to vary the order of phasing and to create a replacmeent silt bed within phase W10
08/91605 NFE038 Fordingbridge Junior School Pennys Lane Fordingbridge SP6 1HJ New single storey childrens centre building and associated external works.
08/91588 NFE048 Waterside Primary School, Ashford Crescent, Hythe SO45 6ET Single storey extension and standalone building to form new childrens centre, includes associated external works
07/92441 NFNP001 Pound bottom Landfill Site, Redlynch, Nr Salisbury Temporary Landifll Gas Flare
07/91532 NF042 Lower Farm, Pennington The development of land without complying with condition 1 of planning permission 74405 and the variation of that condition to extend the extraction of sand and gravel and infilling with inert waste for three months
07/91529 NF001 Fawley Site, Charleston Road, Hardley, Hythe, Southampton SO45 3ZA. Proposal to construct a new compressor house for a 'waste to energy' facility.
07/91370 NFE056 Calmore Community Centre, Calmore Drive, Calmore, Totton SO40 2ZY Proposed single storey pitched roof extension connected to existing third party owned community centre building to provide accommodation for proposed HCC run childrens centre, proposed 1.2m wide blocked paved footpath connected to existing entrance footpath and existing perimeter footpath
07/91317 NFE001 Noadswood School, North Road, Dibden Purlieu. SO45 4ZF Advertisement Consent: new school signage & signage to school sports hall
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