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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
07/00014/HCC3N TVE015 Test Valley School, Roman Road, Stockbridge, Hants SO20 6HA Provision of proposed new tented canopy to provide external dining area and small flat roofed canopy to servery
07/00015/HCC3N TVE015 Test Valley School, Roman Road, Stockbridge, Hants SO20 6HA Alteration of entrance gates and fencing to site from Roman Road
07/00008/CMAN TV178 Andover Sewerage Works also known as Fullerton Waste Water Treatment Works, Stockbridge Road, Goodworth Clatford, Fullerton, Hants SP11 7HP. Installation of a 'Combined Heat and Power' (CHP) unit, to enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of the water (sludge) treatment process, and convert to a sustainable (renewable) energy resource.
06/03506/CMAS TV119 Manor Farm Landfill, Flexford Road, North Baddesley The retention of haul road, leachate tank and associated control equipment for a temporary period
06/03477/CMAN TV233 Barton Stacey Wastewater Treatment Works (WTW), Difford, Barton Stacey Development/refurbishment of existing wastewater treatment works and extension onto adjacent arable field, construction of a ferric dosing plant, sand filter compressor kiosk, temporary/permanent site access roads, boundary fence, inlet balance tank and landscaping bund with indigenous planting along
06/03153/HCC3S TVE053 Romsey Junior School, Mercer Way, Romsey SO51 7PH Installation of 6KW wind turbine in association with IFE Primary School development on same site
06/03154/HCC3S TVE053 Romsey Junior School, Mercer Way, Romsey S051 7PH Development of Junior School site to form IFE Primary School. refurbishment of existing single storey SCOLA building and new build extension comprising of three classrooms, nursery, community room and children's centre.
06/03145/CMAN TV232 Public open space off Swallowfields, opposite Dove Close, Andover Temporary contractors' site compound required for the duration of the sewer upgrade works at Cricketers Way, Andover
SCR/2006/0250 TV153 Casbrook Park, Timsbury Request for Screening Opinion: Waste to Energy Plant
06/02927/HCC3S TVG003 Appletree Centre, Princes Road, Romsey Hants SO51 8DS Proposal to replace existing 4ft chain link fence with 6ft close boarded timber fence
06/02870/CMAN TV231 Land Off A303, Near Longparish, Andover To develop a waste recycling facility for farm, construction and demolition waste, including soil screening, concrete crushing, material and container storage
06/02692/CMAS TV230 Kings Somborne Wastewater Treatment Works (WTW), Romsey Road, Compton, Kings Somborne Five proposed control kiosks to house electrical control panels and equipment
06/02365/CMAS TV229 Houghton Down Farm, Stockbridge Construction of "safety bank"
06/02324/CMAS TV228 Afropa Recycling Centre, Ashfield Sawmill Site, Southampton Road, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 9NJ Shredding of tyres for removal from site using existing buildings, repairs to hardstandings and concrete bases, install security fence.
06/02323/CMAS TV188 Land to the North East of the waste centre, Yokesford Hill Industrial Estate, Yokesford Hill, Romsey, SO51 0PF Temporary storage of inert screen materials (soil, concrete, crushed ruble, grit, timber and clean concrete) crushing of concrete (28 days) and sorting of lightweight materials and processing and storage of wood, storage of portaloos and skips.
06/02326/CMAS TV188 Building 2, The Waste Centre, Yokesford Hill Industrial Estate, Yokesford Hill, Romsey, SO51 0PF Temporary overnight storage of skips and vehicles, temporary storage of astroturf and storage of portaloos in building 2.
06/02350/HCC3N TVE015 Test Valley Secondary School, Roman Road, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6HA Renewal of two double temporary classroom (Ref 11575 and 13329)
06/02067/HCC3N TVE031 Abbott's Ann Church of England Primary School, Abbott's Ann, Andover, Hants SP11 7BG Provision of one single temporary classroom with an extra unit to provide office space for headteacher
06/01333/HCC3N TVE046 Grateley Primary School, Grateley, Andover SP11 8JS. Sports field located to north of Hawthorne Close and east of St Leonards New netball court (tarmac surfaced) to replace existing sports field
06/01131/CMAS TV153 Casbrook Park, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Application for provision of a research and development gasification unit
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